Career Services

Ontario Career Academy (OCA) offers a variety of helpful information and resources to support students and alumni with their career planning and job search goals, and provides employers and community members with information about on-campus recruitment and promotional opportunities. We offer practical and relevant career advising. Our career service includes, but not limited to, the following.

  • Career counseling
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Resume preparation
  • Job posting
  • Job fair participation
  • Resources
Career Counseling

Students usually ask for informal assistance from friends and family for their academic and career choices. That’s where career counseling performs the most crucial role. Career choice is yours and no one else would be accountable for the incorrect choice you make. Choose the right career and get guidance from specialists and experts who have experience dealing in career counseling. The Career Counseling process assures a student has opted for the appropriate pathway that would lead him to his objective. It is a lifetime process, meaning that situations will change in life, and one will persistently have to make career and life decisions. Students should make the correct choice from the wide range of existing possibilities available out there.

Contact your career advisor ( OCA Career Service) for the next step.

Resume Preparation

A resume is your opportunity to tell potential employers about your skills, your abilities, your experiences, and your education. It is your first chance to show that you belong in that job. Your resume is, in reality, a marketing tool. As such, you should include information that will enhance your best qualities and eliminate potentially misleading information. Think of your resume and your cover letter as paid advertising. This is prime advertising space – use it well.

Your resume has the possibility to open the door on your next career opportunity. Make the most of this chance to market yourself to prospective employers.

Contact your career advisor ( OCA Career Service) for the next step.

Workshops and Seminars

No upcoming workshops or seminars.